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3d rendering by 3dsmax2016

By Liz Baessler It’s always nice to have houseplants. They brighten your home and purify your air. Sometimes they even make good company. But not all houseplants are the same, and neither all the rooms in your house. Keep reading to learn more about growing plants in the bathroom and selecting the best plants for showers and tubs. Keeping Plants near Showers and Tubs There’s one obvious thing that sets the bathroom apart from all the other rooms in your house: moisture. With the shower and sink running several times per day, the humidity in bathrooms is high. If you tried to grow a cactus next to your bathtub, you’d probably be disappointed. Luckily, there are lots of houseplants that thrive in moist conditions. Lack of humidity is actually a problem for a lot of houseplants – one that can be more than solved by growing them in the bathroom.

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