A macro shot of a sapling Bay Leaf Tree. I’ve isolated the top half of the background for use in design collages.

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By Amy Grant Sweet bay is a medium sized Laurel that hails from the Mediterranean. It is used primarily as a culinary herb but historically it has been used medicinally. A component of bouquet garni, a French seasoning blend, bay lends itself well to soups, stews, and sauces. Usually, sweet bay is purchased as a seedling from a nursery, but growing bay tree seeds is also possible, provided the grower has some patience since bay seed germination is a slow process. Interested in planting bay seeds? Read on to find out when to sow bay seeds and information on how to grow a bay tree from seed. About Planting Bay Seeds Sweet laurel or bay (Laurus nobilis) is hardy to USDA zones 8-10, so those of us growing the plant outside these parameters will need to move the bay indoors when temperatures dip. The good news is that bay makes

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