A ripe nectarine hanging in a tree.

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A ripe nectarine hanging in a tree.

By Amy Grant Say you have a gorgeous 5-year-old nectarine tree. It has been growing well and flowering but, unfortunately, you get no fruit. Since it does not have any obvious diseases or insect pests, why is the nectarine tree not fruiting? There are quite a few reasons for a fruitless nectarine tree. Read on to find out how to get fruit on nectarine trees. Why Won’t My Nectarine Tree Fruit? The most obvious starting point is looking at the age of the tree. Most stone fruit trees don’t bear fruit until year 2-3 and, in fact, it’s a good idea to remove the fruit if they do to allow the tree to put all its energy into forming solid bearing branches for future crops. Since your tree is 5 years of age, this probably isn’t why the nectarine tree isn’t fruiting. Another reason for a lack of fruit may

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