Almond Disease

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Almond Disease

By Amy Grant Almonds are not only beautiful deciduous trees, but also nutritious and delicious, leading many gardeners to grow their own. Even with the best care, however, almonds are susceptible to their share of almond tree diseases. When treating sick almond trees, it’s important to recognize almond disease symptoms in order to identify which of the diseases of almond are afflicting the tree. Read on to learn how to treat and prevent almond diseases. Common Diseases of Almond Trees Most of the diseases that afflict almonds are fungal diseases, such as Botryosphaeria canker and Ceratocystis canker. Botryosphaeria canker – Botryospheaeria canker, or band canker, is a fungal disease that used to be fairly uncommon. Today, it hits commercial growers especially hard, showing its almond disease symptoms in natural openings on the tree and in pruning wounds on scaffold branches. These are most frequently seen after a rainfall when spores

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