Are Rhizomorphs Good Or Bad: What Do Rhizomorphs Do

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Are Rhizomorphs Good Or Bad: What Do Rhizomorphs Do

By Ilana Goldowitz Jimenez, Plant Scientist & Writer Fungi are extremely important to plant life both as partners and as enemies. They are major components of healthy garden ecosystems, where they break down organic matter, help build soil, and form partnerships with plant roots. Most parts of fungi are microscopic. Some species produce linear strings of cells called hyphae, which by themselves are too narrow too see; others, called yeasts, grow as single cells. Fungal hyphae travel invisibly through soil and colonize food resources. However, many fungal species use hyphae to form larger structures that you might find in your garden or yard. Even mushrooms consist of many hyphae closely packed together. We’ve all seen mushrooms, but observant gardeners might be able to identify another fungal structure, the rhizomorph. What are Rhizomorphs? A rhizomorph is a rope-like aggregation of many hyphal strands. The word “rhizomorph” literally means “root form.” Rhizomorphs

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