Aspergillus Alliaceus Info: Treating Stem And Branch Rot In Cacti

By August 31, 2017Articles
By Kristi Waterworth Keeping cactus is an exercise in patience. They bloom once a year, if that, and can grow so slowly that it seems like they’re not doing anything at all. Even so, their very presence in the landscape or home make them feel like cornerstone plants in your environment. That’s why it’s so important to recognize the onset of cactus diseases like stem and branch rot. Read on for more Aspergillus alliaceus info. What is Aspergillus alliaceus? Growing cactus, whether in a pot or in the landscape, can seriously challenge a gardener’s wit and skills. They’re so different from most ornamental plants as to almost be a different creature entirely, yet there are a number of features that cactus share with other landscape choices. For example, they still get sick from much the same types of disease. Cactus stem and branch rot, for instance, is caused by a

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