Asplundia Information – How To Grow Asplundia Plants

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Asplundia Information – How To Grow Asplundia Plants

By Mary Ellen Ellis Asplundia is not a common garden plant in the U.S. It is a group of species of plants native to Mexico and south down to Brazil. As a native of rainforests, this kind of plant needs a warm, wet environment and will not tolerate cold at all. With enough asplundia information and if you can find a plant at a nursery, you can grow these pretty plants in the tropics or in a greenhouse. What are Asplundia Plants? If you don’t live in the tropics, asplundia will seem like an exotic plant. There are numerous species of this plant, which belongs to the Cyclanthus genus. These are flowering plants that grow in the rainforests of Central and South America and the Caribbean, and that may be epiphytic, air plants that don’t require soil, or terrestrial, growing in the ground. Asplundia varieties are numerous, with around 100

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