Australian staghorn fern growing in a rainforest.

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Australian staghorn fern growing in a rainforest.

By Mary H. Dyer, Master Naturalist and Master Gardener Staghorn fern (Platycerium spp.) is a uniquely eye-catching plant, appropriately named for the impressive fronds that bear a striking resemblance to elk antlers. Not surprisingly, the plant is also known as elkhorn fern. Do staghorn ferns need to be cleaned? Because the fronds are so large, it isn’t unusual to find a thin layer of dust on a staghorn fern. Washing staghorn fern plants carefully will remove dust that can block sunlight and, of course, also brightens the appearance of the plant. If you’re convinced that cleaning a staghorn fern is a good idea, read on for helpful tips on how to get it done. Cleaning a Staghorn Fern So you’re in need of cleaning a staghorn fern plant. The first question that likely comes to mind is “How should I clean my staghorn fern?” Washing staghorn fern plants should be

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