beautiful flower blue aster. in the autumn garden

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beautiful flower blue aster. in the autumn garden

By Kristi Waterworth Asters brighten the garden with their bright, happy blooms. But what can you do when there just aren’t any fireworks anymore? Read on to learn all about getting your asters back on track, and how to deal with an aster with no flowers. Why Won’t My Asters Bloom? A blooming aster is a welcome sight. No matter the season, the cheery daisy-like flowers always seem to light up the garden. Although generally pretty hardy, asters can seriously disappoint when they refuse to bud or flower. If your aster plants don’t bloom, don’t worry, fixing an aster with no flowers isn’t that difficult once you find the reason behind it. Growing asters is usually a pretty simple undertaking, until it isn’t. When asters hit problems, such as non-blooming, it can be tricky to know just what to do. Several common and easy to treat problems can be the

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