Beautiful large flowers orange tiger lily – smolinosy

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Beautiful large flowers orange tiger lily - smolinosy

By Mary Ellen Ellis Are tiger lilies prone to mosaic virus? If you know how destructive this disease is and you love the lilies in your garden, this is an important question to ask. Tiger lilies can carry mosaic virus, and although it has little impact on them, it can be spread to the other lilies in your beds. Tiger Lily Mosaic Virus Lilies are some of the most regal and beautiful flowers in the garden but, unfortunately, most of them are susceptible to a disease called mosaic virus. Tiger lily is particularly notorious for carrying this disease and spreading it to other lilies in a garden. Tiger lilies will not be affected by the disease they carry, but will cause damage by spreading it to the other plants that are nearby. Mosaic virus is primarily spread through aphids. These little bugs suck on plants to feed and then pass

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