Beautiful pink spadix flower

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Beautiful pink spadix flower

By Mary Ellen Ellis Anthurium, also known as flamingo flower, is a popular houseplant because it is generally easy to care for and because of its showy, heart-shaped flowers. This is a great plant even for inexperienced gardeners. Maintenance is low, although dividing anthuriums is sometimes necessary to keep them blooming. When to Split Anthuriums Anthurium is truly a tropical flower, so most of us have to be content with growing them indoors in containers. As a tropical jungle plant, anthurium thrives best in moist, warm conditions with indirect sunlight. Even without ideal conditions, this plant is tough and a survivor. It’s a great choice for someone who lacks a green thumb. On the other hand, some maintenance is required, including splitting anthurium plants, to keep them happy and healthy. One good reason for dividing anthuriums is simply that your plant is thriving and has outgrown its container. You can

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