beautiful red lily closeup

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beautiful red lily closeup

By Mary Ellen Ellis Do lilies need staking? A lot of taller plants will eventually need a little extra support if you don’t want your flowers lying in the dirt. This is especially true in late summer and fall and with tall, top-heavy flowers like lilies. Staking lilies is a simple way to ensure your late season beds continue to add beauty to your garden. Should You Stake Lily Plants? There is no real reason in terms of the health of the plant to stake lilies in the garden. Your perennial blooms will come back next year, whether they droop now or not. The main reason for staking lilies at all is to keep up appearances. Your perennial beds just don’t look that nice when all the flowers droop over and land in the dirt or mulch. A little staking is great for your garden, but you need to know

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