Beautiful View orange daylily flowers in garden

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Beautiful View orange daylily flowers in garden

By Mary H. Dyer, Master Naturalist and Master Gardener Growing zone 9 perennial plants is truly a piece of cake, and the most difficult part is deciding which zone 9 perennials you like best. In fact, many plants grown as annuals in cooler climates grow happily year round in zone 9 where temperatures rarely, if ever, dip below the freezing point. The list of perennial plants in zone 9 is nearly endless, but here is a brief rundown on a few favorites. Selecting Perennials for Zone 9 Since perennial plants for zone 9 are so abundant, choosing the right ones means narrowing the list to those that pique your interest the most, provided they are suitable candidates for your particular gardening site. Below are merely a handful of perennials in zone 9 gardens that stand out amongst most others. Buddleia (Buddleia spp.), also known as butterfly bush for very good

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