Bee covered with pollen on a yellow flower

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Bee covered with pollen on a yellow flower

By Mary Ellen Ellis As anyone with allergies knows, pollen is abundant in the spring. Plants seem to give off a thorough dusting of this powdery substance that causes so many people miserable symptoms. But what is pollen? And why do plants produce it? Here’s a little pollen information for you to satisfy your curiosity. What is Pollen? Pollen is a small grain made up of just a few cells and is produced by both flowering plants and cone-bearing plants, known as angiosperms and gymnosperms. If you are allergic, you feel the presence of pollen in the spring. If not, you likely notice it dusting surfaces, often giving things, like your car, a greenish tinge. Pollen grains are unique to the plants they come from and can be identified under a microscope by shape, size, and the presence of surface textures. Why Do Plants Produce Pollen? In order to reproduce,

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