Big staghorn fern

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Big staghorn fern

By Mary Ellen Ellis The staghorn fern is an unusual and attractive epiphyte, or air plant, that thrives in the tropics. This means they don’t need soil to grow, so to showcase them beautifully, mounting staghorn ferns to any of a variety of materials or surfaces is a great choice. Care for Staghorn Ferns Before mounting staghorn ferns in your home or yard, make sure you understand the needs of this unique air plant. These are tropical plants, so if grown outdoors, you need to be in a warm, subtropical to tropical climate. They grow large, so only mount in an area that has at least three feet (1 meter) for your fern to expand. Your fern will need to be watered regularly, but should not be allowed to get soggy where it is mounted to a surface. It will grow best in partial shade, and a place with indirect

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