Black beetle eating ripe pineapple

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Black beetle eating ripe pineapple

By Kristi Waterworth Growing pineapples isn’t always all fun and games, but you can produce a perfect pineapple with more information about pests and diseases that affect this plant. Read on to learn about common pineapple pests and plant diseases so you know what you should be watching for as your plant develops and how to treat issues in pineapple. Dealing with Pineapple Problems There is something truly intoxicating about the rum-like smell of a properly ripe pineapple, but when you’ve grown that fruit yourself, the experience can be almost transcendent. Because it can take many months for a pineapple fruit to mature, however, the plant has a lot of opportunities to develop disease or pick up pests, like beetles. Fortunately, most common pineapple problems are simple to correct. Pineapple plant diseases and pests can ruin an otherwise promising harvest, but if you already know how to identify common issues,

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