blooming orange ixoras flower in garden

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blooming orange ixoras flower in garden

By Bonnie L. Grant One of the common landscape beauties in southern regions is Ixora, which prefers well-draining, slightly acidic soil and plenty of adequate nutrients. The bush produces copious orange-pink blooms when it has adequate nutrients and moisture. Getting Ixoras to bloom may require annual feeding but, once they are established, they bloom profusely even on pruned hedges. Read on for some Ixora blooming tips to help your plant perform its best. How to Get Ixora Flowers on Pruned Plants Ixora is an evergreen bush that is excellent when used as a hedge, in a large container or as a stand-alone specimen. Many forms produce white or yellow blooms, but the bright pink-orange cultivars are the most common. If you have bushes in nutrient poor or alkaline soil, you may wonder, “Why won’t my Ixora plants bloom.” Fertilizer may be the answer, but it could also be poor siting

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