brennende Kerze und gaultheria procumbens

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brennende Kerze und gaultheria procumbens

By Teo Spengler Some potted plants that are part of Christmas displays are tropical or subtropical, like poinsettiasand Christmas cactus. These days, a northern native is moving up the Christmas plant charts: wintergreen. Like holly, wintergreen (Gaultheria procumbens) is usually grown outdoors. If you are interested in wintergreen plant décor – using wintergreen houseplants to decorate your holiday table – read on for tips on how to grow wintergreen indoors. Wintergreen Houseplants If you’ve ever seen wintergreen growing outdoors, you know that it is a gorgeous plant all year long. Like a holly tree, the wintergreen’s glossy leaves do not wilt and die in autumn. Wintergreen plants are evergreen. These shiny leaves contrast winningly with the plant’s flowers. The blossoms look like tiny, dangling bells. Wintergreen flowers ultimately produce bright Christmas-red berries. As you can imagine, all of these elements in a small pot on your holiday table looks festive

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