Bromeliad Propagation – Learn How To Grow Bromeliad Pups

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Bromeliad Propagation – Learn How To Grow Bromeliad Pups

By Bonnie L. Grant One of the more fun aspects of bromeliads is their ability to produce pups, or offsets. These are the babies of the plant which primarily reproduces vegetatively. Bromeliads need to reach maturity before producing its lovely flower, which lasts many months. After the bloom is gone, the plant produces pups. Some tips on how to grow bromeliad pups can get you started on a whole crop of these amazing plants. Bromeliad Propagation Bromeliads are popular tropical looking houseplants or outdoor plants in warm regions. The most commonly sold forms develop a cup at the center of the rosette which holds water. Many also form a brightly colored flower that dies after a few months. At this time, pup starts from bromeliad begin to form. You can carefully divide these away from the parent plant and have a new bromeliad that will flower and pup after a

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