bunch of guavas on tree on zanzibar crop and spice farm

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bunch of guavas on tree on zanzibar crop and spice farm

By Bonnie L. Grant Guava is a popular tropical fruit tree. The fruit is delicious eaten fresh or in a host of culinary concoctions. Not only is the tree known for its fruit, but it has a long-standing tradition of use as a medicinal remedy for numerous ailments. The bark is especially valuable due to its high content of tannin, proteins and starch. There are many homeopathic medicines available containing guava. Before you try these, however, you should know how to use guava tree bark safely and consult with your doctor prior to dosing. What to Do With Bark from Guava Herbal remedies are making a comeback as the pharmaceutical industry increases prices and side effects from approved drugs become known. Many natural remedies have the ability to replace harsh pharmaceutical drugs, often without excessive dependency and alternate effects. However, it is always best to talk to a knowledgeable professional

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