Camzam Apple Info: Learn About Camelot Crabapple Trees

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By Amy Grant Even if you lack a large garden space, you can still grow one of the many dwarf fruit trees such as the Camelot crabapple tree, Malus ‘Camzam.’ This deciduous crabapple tree bears fruit that not only attracts birds but can also be made into delicious preserves. Interested in growing a Camelot crabapple? Read on to find out how to grow a Camelot crabapple and other Camzam apple info related to Camelot crabapple care. Camzam Apple Info A dwarf cultivar with a rounded habit, Camelot crabapple trees have dark green, thick, leathery leaves with a hint of burgundy. In the spring, the tree sports red flower buds that open to aromatic white flowers tinged with fuchsia. Blossoms are followed by ½ inch (1 cm.) burgundy colored fruit that ripen in the late summer. Fruit left on trees may persist into the winter, providing nourishment for a variety of

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