Carnarvon Gorge, Queensland, Australia

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Carnarvon Gorge, Queensland, Australia

By Ilana Goldowitz Jimenez, Plant Scientist & Writer Staghorn ferns are unusual, exotic-looking plants that will definitely attract guests’ attention, whether they’re displayed in the home or outdoors in a warm-climate garden. The plants known as staghorn ferns include the 18 species in the Platycerium genus plus many hybrids and varieties of those species. Choosing Various Kinds of Staghorn Ferns Like most bromeliads and many orchids, staghorn ferns are epiphytes. This means that they often grow in trees above the ground and do not need to be in contact with the soil. Instead, they absorb nutrients and moisture from the air and from water or leaves that wash or fall onto their fronds. Many are tropical species, with some types of staghorn fern originating in Southeast Asia, Australia, and Pacific islands, and others native to South America or Africa. Because of this, most staghorn fern varieties do need specialized environments

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