carrots in market

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carrots in market

By Amy Grant Carrots hail from Afghanistan around the 10th century and were once purple and yellow, not orange. Modern carrots get their bright orange color from B-carotene that is metabolized in the human body into vitamin A, necessary for healthy eyes, general growth, healthy skin and resistance to infections. Today, the most commonly purchased carrot is the Imperator carrot. What are Imperator carrots? Read on to learn some Imperator carrot info, including how to grow Imperator carrots in the garden. What are Imperator Carrots? You know those “baby” carrots you buy at the supermarket, the kind the kids love? Those are actually Imperator carrots, likely so are the regular sized carrots you buy at the grocers. They are deep orange in color, tapered to a blunt point and around 6-7 inches (15-18 cm.) long; the epitome of the perfect carrot. They are somewhat coarse and not as sweet as

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