Close up Duckweed, Mosquito fern.

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Close up Duckweed, Mosquito fern.

By Mary Ellen Ellis Mosquito fern, also known as Azolla caroliniana, is a small floating water plant. It tends to cover the surface of a pond, much like duckweed. It does well in warmer climates and can be a pretty addition to ponds and other decorative water features. You need to know a little bit of basic mosquito fern plant information before deciding to grow this water plant in your garden. What is a Mosquito Fern Plant? Mosquito fern gets its name from the belief that mosquitoes cannot lay their eggs in still water covered by this plant. Azolla is a tropical and sub-tropical water plant that resembles moss more than ferns. It has a symbiotic relationship with blue-green algae and it grows well and quickly on the surface of still or sluggish waters. You are most likely to see it on the surface of ponds, but slow-moving streams may

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