Close up of American holly tree with berries

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Close up of American holly tree with berries

By Darcy Larum, Landscape Designer How happy the holly tree looks, and how strong, Where he stands like a sentinel all the year long. Neither dry summer heat nor cold winter hail, Can make that gay warrior tremble or quail. He has beamed all the year, but bright scarlet he’ll glow, When the ground glitters white with the fresh fallen snow. In her poem, The Holly, Edith L.M. King perfectly describes the traits we love in holly plants. Holly’s deep, evergreen foliage and bright red berries are sometimes the only sign of life in the winter landscape. Commonly associated with Christmas, everyone knows of holly’s winter appeal. However, you may wonder does holly bloom or what other interest does holly have in the garden? Continue reading to learn more about holly fruiting and flowering times. Holly Fruiting Schedule The serrated evergreen foliage and red berries of holly plants have been

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