Close-up of Anemone blanda showing petal detail.

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Close-up of Anemone blanda showing petal detail.

By Mary Ellen Ellis By growing Grecian windflowers, you can add a pretty new perennial to your garden. This spring bulb is also known as Anemone blanda and comes in range of colors, providing low clumps of blooms that easily fit into a variety of garden types and climates. What are Grecian Windflowers? A. blanda, or Grecian windflower, is a pretty and colorful perennial spring bulb that produces blooms with a shape and appearance similar to that of daisies. They are short, growing only to about six inches (15 centimeters) at a maximum, and can act like a blooming spring ground cover. They can also be grown in clumps or in low rows to complement taller perennials. There are several varieties of Grecian windflower that produce different colors: deep blue, white, pale pink, magenta, lavender, mauve, and bicolor. The foliage is medium green and reminiscent of fern fronds. With good

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