Close-up of wild growing blueberry bush with berries

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Close-up of wild growing blueberry bush with berries

By Bonnie L. Grant Few things say summer like fresh, ripe berries. Whether you are a strawberry aficionado or a blueberry fiend, berries over ice-cream, as part of cake, in milkshakes and over cereal are staples of the season. Growing berries in zone 9 may be challenging if you love fruits like blueberries that need a certain number of chilling days to form. But all is not lost. There are many zone 9 berry varieties that have been developed to need less chilling time and tolerate high temperatures. Growing Berries in Zone 9 Zone 9 can experience temperatures as low as 20 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit (-7 to -1 C.) but rarely receive freezing events. What these areas do have is searing hot and long summers as well as year around mild temperatures. That requires a very special berry that doesn’t wilt with the heat but also gets any chilling

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