Close up yellow flowers of Galphimia (Thryallis glauca Kuntze.)

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Close up yellow flowers of Galphimia (Thryallis glauca Kuntze.)

By Mary Ellen Ellis If you’re looking for year-round blooms and an ornamental shrub for your sub-tropical garden, look no further than the low-maintenance and gorgeous thryallis. With just a little thryallis plant info, you can easily grow this pretty, warm-climate shrub. What is a Thryallis Plant? Thryallis (Galphimia glauca) is an evergreen shrub of medium size that produces yellow flowers year round. It thrives in sub-tropical climates, and in the U.S. is becoming more popular for hedging and ornamental use in South Florida. Thryallis grows to about six to nine feet (two to three meters) tall and forms a dense and compact oval shape. It can be used alone or alternated with other shrubs to create a variety of textures, sizes and colors in a hedge. How to Grow Thryallis Shrubs Growing thryallis shrubs is not difficult if you live in the right climate. In the U.S. it thrives

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