Common Pests Of Quince Trees – Tips On Treating Quince Tree Pests

By January 17, 2018Articles
By Kristi Waterworth Growing quince trees can be incredibly rewarding. Not only do they produce fruit with a high pectin content that’s great for jellies and pies, their beautiful flowers and slightly messy form can turn an otherwise formal garden into a more casual getaway. You might not be alone when you’re out there in your hammock, though – quince tree pests could be lurking nearby as well. Although quince are sturdy plants, there are a few bugs that feed on quince, so it’s important you can tell friend from foe. Read on to learn more about pests on quince. Pests of Quince Trees Quince trees are fairly tough plants, but they’re also tasty, according to a wide range of insect pests. Most of the bugs you’ll encounter in the garden are fairly easy to control, especially if you catch them early. Check your plants often for insects by looking

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