Coontie Arrowroot Care – Tips On Growing Coontie Plants

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Coontie Arrowroot Care – Tips On Growing Coontie Plants

By Mary Ellen Ellis Zamia coontie, or just coontie, is a native Floridian that produces long, palm-like leaves and no flowers. Growing coontie is not difficult if you have the right spot for it and a warm climate. It adds tropical greenery to shady beds and enlivens indoor spaces when planted in containers. Florida Arrowroot Info This plant goes by several names: coontie, Zamia coontie, Seminole bread, comfort root, and Florida arrowroot but all fall under the same scientific name of Zamia floridana. Native to Florida, this plant is related to those that existed well before the dinosaurs, although it is commonly mistaken for a type of palm or fern. The Seminole Indians as well as early European settlers extracted starch from the stem of the plant and it provided a dietary staple. Today, the coontie is threatened in its natural habitat. Disturbing natural plants is prohibited, but you can

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