Cypress alley in Tuscany, Italy

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Cypress alley in Tuscany, Italy

By Liz Baessler It’s always nice to have trees in the landscape. It’s extra nice to have trees that don’t lose their foliage in the winter and remain bright all year long. Keep reading to learn more about growing evergreen trees in zone 9 and selecting zone 9 trees that are evergreen. Popular Zone 9 Evergreen Trees Here are some good zone 9 evergreen tree varieties: Privet – Extremely popular in hedges because of its fast growth and neat shape, privet is an exceptional choice for the zone 9 landscape. Pine – A very broad range of trees, pines tend to be evergreen and many are hardy in zone 9. Some good zone 9 evergreen varieties of pines are: Virginia Short Leaf Southern Yellow Japanese Black Mugo White Cedar – Cedars are usually tall, narrow trees that are very drought resistant. Some good varieties for zone 9 include: Deodar Coastal

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