Cypress tree isolated on white. whithout shadow

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Cypress tree isolated on white. whithout shadow

By Mary Ellen Ellis There is an evergreen tree for every growing zone, and 8 is no exception. It isn’t just the northern climates that get to enjoy this year-round greenery; Zone 8 evergreen varieties are plentiful and provide screening, shade, and a pretty backdrop for any temperate garden. Growing Evergreen Trees in Zone 8 Zone 8 is temperate with hot summers, warm weather in the fall and spring, and mild winters. It is spotty in the west and stretches through parts of the southwest, Texas, and into the southeast up to North Carolina. Growing evergreen trees in zone 8 is very much doable and you actually have a lot of options if you want year-round green. Once established in the right location, your evergreen tree care should be easy, not requiring much maintenance. Some trees may need to be pruned to keep their shape and others may drop some

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