Danvers Carrot Information: How To Grow Danvers Carrots

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Danvers Carrot Information: How To Grow Danvers Carrots

By Bonnie L. Grant Danvers carrots are medium sized carrots, often called “half size.” They were once a choice carrot for their flavor, especially when young, because mature roots can become fibrous. Danvers were an early orange cultivar, as previous favored selections were white, red, yellow and purple. Read on to learn how to grow Danvers carrots and a bit about their history. Danvers Carrot Information Carrots are one of the easier and least fussy crops to grow. From eating fresh out of hand to steamed, sautéed or blanched, carrots have a wide variety of culinary applications. One of the nicer varieties is Danvers. What are Danvers carrots? This is a very adaptable root vegetable with little core and a nice tapered shape and size. Try growing Danvers carrots and add an heirloom vegetable to your garden. Carrots were once used as much for their medicinal value as they were

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