dark pink crepe myrtle flowers

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dark pink crepe myrtle flowers

By Kristi Waterworth Crepe myrtles are iconic plants of the South, popping up virtually everywhere in USDA hardiness zones 7 through 9. They’re sturdy, beautiful and make excellent large landscape bushes or can be pruned into a tree form, adding even more versatility. Because of their flexible nature, crepe myrtle trees are bothered by very few problems or pests. Even so, there may come a day when you’re forced to do battle with pests on crepe myrtle, so let’s explore those right now! Common Crepe Myrtle Pests Although there are a number of occasional crepe myrtle insect pests, a few are overwhelmingly common. Knowing how to identify and treat these critters when they appear can help keep your plant healthy and happy for years to come. Here are the top contenders and their warning signs: Crepe myrtle aphids. Of all the possible insects to have on your plants, these are

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