Deutzia flower

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Deutzia flower

By Ilana Goldowitz Jimenez, Plant Scientist & Writer If you are looking for a shrub that can bloom in shade, the graceful deutzia might be the plant for you. This mound-shaped shrub’s abundant flowers and flexible growing conditions are definite pluses for many gardeners. What is Deutzia? Deutzia is a group of about 60 species, most of which are native to China and elsewhere in Asia, while a few originate from Europe and Central America. These mound-forming shrubs have long, arching branches that give them a weeping or cascading appearance. Deutzias are members of the hydrangea family, and like hydrangeas, they produce small flowers that grow abundantly in clusters. However, deutzia flowers look quite different, with the petals of some species elongated and gently drooping, and others bell-shaped or open. These fragrant flowers are pure white or tinged with pink, and they appear for about two weeks in early spring

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