Diseases Of Ginger – Recognizing Ginger Disease Symptoms

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Diseases Of Ginger – Recognizing Ginger Disease Symptoms

By Kristi Waterworth Ginger plants bring a double whammy to the garden. Not only can they produce magnificent flowers, they also form an edible rhizome that’s often used in cooking and tea. Growing your own just makes sense if you have the space and the local climate to support it, but you should be aware of ginger plant diseases before you jump in. Many can be prevented by good growing conditions, but even if your stand is already established, it’s helpful to know what to look for in ginger disease symptoms and how to treat ginger disease. Diseases of Ginger Treating sick ginger plants starts with a proper identification of the pathogen involved. Ginger doesn’t have a lot of common problems, so that makes it a little easier to get a grip on any issue you may have. That being said, here are some diseases of ginger you’re likely to

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