Dried bush of asparagus on farm

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Dried bush of asparagus on farm

By Amy Grant Asparagus is a resilient, perennial crop that produces early in the growing season and can produce for 15 years or more. Once established, asparagus is fairly low maintenance with the exception of keeping the area weed free and watering, but what about overwintering asparagus plants? Do asparagus need winter protection? Does Asparagus Need Winter Protection? In mild climates, the root crowns of asparagus need no special winter care, but in cooler regions, winterizing the asparagus bed is a must. Prepping asparagus beds for winter will protect the roots from the cold and encourage the plants to go dormant, allowing the plant to rest before its next growth phase in the spring. Overwintering Asparagus Plants In the fall, the leaves of asparagus begin to yellow and die back naturally. At this juncture, cut the brown fronds from the plant at the base. If you live in a warmer

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