Dwarf Yucca Info: Tips For Yucca Nana Plant Care

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Dwarf Yucca Info: Tips For Yucca Nana Plant Care

By Mary Ellen Ellis Yucca is a huge plant, often growing as tall as ten feet (3 meters) with its flower spike. It’s a pretty plant, but a bit much for smaller gardens and containers. This is why growing dwarf yucca (Yucca harrimaniae x nana) is a great option for many gardeners. What is a Dwarf Yucca? Yucca nana is a dwarf variety of this popular desert plant. The full-size species is Yucca harrimaniae. The dwarf yucca is only native to a small area on the border of Utah and Colorado, but its cultivation in gardens is becoming more popular. It looks like the bigger variety, but grows much smaller, about one foot (30 cm.) tall and wide, and it produces the same impressive spike of creamy white flowers. How to Grow a Dwarf Yucca Dwarf yucca info on growing habitat and care is similar to that for regular-sized yucca.

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