Epiphyllum Varieties: Types Of Cactus Orchid Plants

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Epiphyllum Varieties: Types Of Cactus Orchid Plants

By Bonnie L. Grant Epiphyllum are the gems of the cactus world. Commonly called orchid cactus, they produce absolutely stunning flowers. The delicate blooms open only briefly and produce an entrancing scent. There are many types of Epiphyllum, but the majority are epiphytic and live in trees while a few species are terrestrial. New hybrids are also being introduced to the market, which means numerous types of cactus orchid from which to choose. What is Epiphyllum? Much of the answer lies in the word. Their primarily epiphytic nature is indicated by the beginning of the word. These plants are native to the tropical Americas and range from Mexico to Central America and even into the Caribbean. They are called cactus orchid plants because of the outstanding blooms which resemble some orchid species. Choosing an Epiphyllum can be tough since there are dwarf, hanging, epiphytic, and other traits, as well as

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