Exotic green flower striped black shaped like a chicken. It is an ornamental plant name is Aristolochia ringens Vahl or Dutchman’s Pipe

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By Mary Ellen Ellis Vines in the garden serve a lot of useful purposes, such as shading and screening. They grow fast and most flower or even produce fruit. If you don’t have a lot of sun in your garden, you can still enjoy growing vines in the shade; you just need to know which plants will work best. About Zone 8 Shade Vines If you live in zone 8, you live in a warm climate with mild winters. That means you have a lot of choices for plants that will thrive in your garden, even if you have a lot of shade. Vines are popular in all zones because they grow quickly to cover things you don’t want to see, like that big air conditioning unit, but also because they soften lines, add pretty, colorful flowers and foliage, and some even turn color in the fall. Vines are also

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