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By Bonnie L. Grant One of the easier and less expensive ways to introduce new plants to the landscape is to plant seeds of your selected varieties yourself. Seed packets generally will tell you the spacing, seed depth and other details for a foolproof sowing. However, occasionally they simply say “sow thinly.” What does sow thinly mean? This term is used for very tiny seeds, each of which has the potential to become a little plant. It helps prevent wasted seed and overcrowding amongst the seedlings. What Does Sow Thinly Mean? Planting seeds is a joyful occupation, as you are beginning new plant life and the potential that each seed has to become food or simply an ornamental treasure. Many sowing instructions will ask you to sow thinly. This is rather opaque instruction, however, as every gardener’s notion of what is thin would tend to vary. It is a little

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