Flower of the crape myrtle

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Flower of the crape myrtle

By Teo Spengler If your backyard gets full sun, planting trees brings in welcome shade. But you’ll have to find shade trees that thrive in full sun. If you live in zone 9, you’ll have a wide selection of tree for sun in zone 9 to choose among. Read on for information about trees that tolerate full sun in zone 9. Trees that Tolerate Full Sun Many trees prefer growing in a site that gets sun all day long. If you are looking for trees for sun in zone 9, you’ll have to select among hundreds. It will be easier to narrow down the field if you evaluate other qualities you’d like in trees for sun in zone 9. Consider things like: Do you want an ornamental with showy flowers? Are you thinking of zone 9 trees for full sun that also provide an autumn display? Do you have you

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