Flowering branch of laurel tree, struck by insects

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Flowering branch of laurel tree, struck by insects

By Bonnie L. Grant Bay trees seem remarkably resistant to most pests. Perhaps it’s the pungent oil in the aromatic leaves. In the case of sweet bay, the leaves are often used in recipes, which means that treating pests on a bay tree requires organic, food safe methods. Most bay tree insects are foliar feasters, but there are a few boring insects that can cause damage to the trunk and twigs. Read on to find out how to treat bay pests in a safe and non-toxic manner. About Bugs That Eat Bay Leaves Bay laurel is a remarkably adaptable temperate zone plant. It has few disease or pest issues and is easy to cultivate. There are few bugs that eat bay leaves, in part because of their intense foliar oil. Most pests on a bay tree will be boring or sap sucking, favoring the stems and woody parts of the

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