Forget-me-not blue spring flowers in the garden closeup

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Forget-me-not blue spring flowers in the garden closeup

By Kristi Waterworth Growing forget-me-nots can be a walk in the park if you know what signs of danger to be on the lookout for. Even though these plants have few problems, there’s always a risk of fungal disease or insect pests, so read up on the most common issues of forget-me-nots you’ll see in the garden. Whether you’re having forget-me-not troubles or are simply preparing for the worst, this article will help you find the results you want. Common Forget-Me-Not Problems A robust stand of forget-me-nots is a truly remarkable sight, but that picture perfect image doesn’t simply happen by accident. Awe-inspiring forget-me-nots are the product of a grower who is intimately familiar with the common problems with forget-me-nots, from fungal disease to pest insects. Although forget-me-nots are generally pretty tough once established in the landscape, that doesn’t mean that they’ll never have a problem. Luckily, most pests and

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