Freesia in Bloom

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Freesia in Bloom

By Kristi Waterworth Carefree freesias in a garden space are a wonderful addition, but nothing in the plant kingdom is truly without worry. A few common problems plague freesias, but many are simple to deal with if you’re armed with the right knowledge. Let’s learn more about freesia troubles. Freesia Plant Problems Graceful and elegant, freesias bring some understated class to the garden border or can create a massively impressive planting all by themselves. Although these iris relatives are generally hardy, there are some diseases and pests that can cause them serious issues. When you have problems with freesias, it’s important to know what you’re dealing with so you can choose an appropriate course of action. Freesia plants are pretty tough and hardly complain, but once in a while you’ll have trouble with freesia plants, so we put together a list of common freesia diseases and freesia pests to help

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