Fresh harvest in the greenhouse. Cucumbers close up.

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Fresh harvest in the greenhouse. Cucumbers close up.

By Amy Grant Healthy cucumber plants can get downright out of hand with their rampant vining growth. I’m not complaining, I get lots of fruit, but it made me wonder if I should prune my cucumber vines. Maybe you, too, are wondering is it ok to prune cucumbers. So, I did a little research on pruning cucumbers. Here’s what I found out about trimming cucumber vines. Should I Prune my Cucumber Vine? The short answer is yes, it’s ok to prune cucumbers, but I guess that doesn’t really say much. Both cucumbers’ vegetative and reproductive growth need to be balanced. Anyone that’s ever looked at a cucumber plant can see that it is often the vegetative growth that’s left to run amok. So cucumber vine pruning is a way to check that growth and stimulate reproduction, or fruiting. About Cucumber Vine Pruning Cucumber vines generate from a single stem and

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