Fresh raw organic quince on the tree.

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Fresh raw organic quince on the tree.

By Teo Spengler Cutting back quince fruit trees should be an annual event. Mark “pruning quince trees” on your calendar and put it on your garden to do list. If you forget about pruning quince trees for a few years in a row, your tree may become overgrown and not fruit as well as you would like. If you aren’t sure how to prune a quince, read on. We’ll give you tips on how and when to prune quince. Fruit Tree Quince Pruning If you have a quince tree growing in your backyard, you know how attractive these fruit trees can be. They grow to around 15 feet (5 m.) tall, offering bowl-shaped pink flowers and fuzzy leaves. Not to mention the large, edible fruit. These stunning trees can live to 50 years or more, so it’s well worth taking good care of them. Fruit tree quince pruning is part

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