fresh sliced beetroot on wooden surface

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fresh sliced beetroot on wooden surface

By Amy Grant Beets, once fit only to be saturated in vinegar brine, has a new look. Today’s cooks and gardeners now know the value of the nutritious beet greens as well as the root. But if you’re old school and hanker after the sweet beet varieties, there are plenty to choose from. Of course, degree of sweetness is subjective; one person may consider certain beets sweeter and another not so much. Is there a way of making beets sweeter? There are definitely some helpful secrets to growing sweet beets. Read on to find out how to grow sweeter beets. Sweet Beet Varieties Beet aficionados swear by certain beets. Some of the most commonly named forerunners include: Chioggia – Chioggia beets are sweet Italian heirlooms with a distinctive red and white striping. Detroit Dark Red – Detroit Dark Red is a popular deep red (as its name suggests), round beet

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