fresh tomatoes in a wooden box

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fresh tomatoes in a wooden box

By Amy Grant Tomato growers and devotees of the fruit find themselves longing for a fresh from the vine tomato in late fall and winter. Fear not, fellow tomato aficionados, there is a storage tomato called the Long Keeper. What is a Long Keeper tomato? If you’re interested in growing Long Keeper tomatoes, read on to find out how to grow Long Keeper tomatoes and about Long Keeper tomato care. What is a Long Keeper Tomato? Long Keeper tomatoes are storage tomatoes grown specifically to be stored so they can be enjoyed in the early winter. While there are not many too choose from, there are several varieties of storage tomatoes. These include the Red October, Garden Peach, Reverend Morrows, and Irish Eyes Long Keeper. Long Keepers are a semi-determinate tomato that is 78 days to harvest. The fruit is harvested before frost when it is a pale blush and

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