Freshly dug onion bulbs on the ground

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Freshly dug onion bulbs on the ground

By Amy Grant You may think an onion is an onion is an onion ā€“ all good on a burger or diced into chili. Actually, there are many varieties of onion. To make it easier, onions have been categorized into three basic types of onions. Each kind of onion has attributes that make it the best type of onion for different regions or conditions. If Iā€™m confusing you, read on for clarification of the kinds of onion plant varieties and the perfect onion for different climates. About Onions for Different Climates The three basic types of onions grown in gardens are short-day, long-day and day-neutral. Each of these onion plant varieties is more suited to a particular region than another. For instance, in the north, from San Francisco to Washington, D.C. (zone 6 or colder), summer days are long, so you would grow long-day onions. In the south (zone 7

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